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Christopher Columbus landed on San Salvador on October 12, 1492. Minor ... "Finally on October 12, 1492, the ships landed on an island Columbus named San Salvador.

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During his first voyage in 1492, instead of reaching Japan as he had intended, Columbus landed in a New World, ... on an island he named San Salvador.

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... San Salvador Island was the first land he sighted and visited on 12 October 1492; ... Columbus' records indicate that the native Lucayan inhabitants of the ...

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Where in the New World is San Salvador? But confusion over where Columbus landed in the New World has not been restricted to the explorer himself.

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The first humans to reach America were nomads in search of food and land. ... Columbus named the island San Salvador, or Holy Savior, ...

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... 500 years ago occurred at an island named San Salvador in ... Park marks the spot where Columbus presumably landed. ... San Francisco Bay Area ...

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"on or near this spot christopher columbus landed on the 12th october 1492."...Admiral S.E. Morison DS..R dedication ceremony and christmas services shared by all ...

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Where did Columbus Land? ... Columbus clearly states that he landed on the island he named “San Salvador ... That island was only named “San Salvador” in ...

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This engraving depicts Columbus’s first landing in the New World, on the island he called San Salvador, on October 12, 1492. Columbus is surrounded by his men on ...