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Plop - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster ...

Full Definition of PLOP intransitive verb 1 : to fall, drop, or move suddenly with a sound like that of something dropping into water 2 : to allow the body to drop ...

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The Plop Boot Manager is a small program with unbelievable many features. Here is a list of features, but you can do more... USB boot without BIOS support (UHCI, OHCI ...

Plop | Define Plop at Dictionary.com

plop definition. n. the sound of dropping something soft and bulky, such as a hunk of meat. : When the roast fell on the floor, it made a nasty plop.

Plop! - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Plop!, "The New Magazine of Weird Humor!", was a comic book anthology published by DC Comics in the mid-1970s. It falls into the horror / humor genre There were 24 ...

plop - definition of plop by the Free Online Dictionary ...

plop (plŏp) v. plopped, plop·ping, plops. v.intr. 1. To fall with a sound like that of an object falling into water without splashing. 2. To let the body drop ...

Plop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Plop is an onomatopoeic term for the sound of an object falling onto a surface or onto water. It may also refer to: "Plop", the nickname of fictional Pete Miller, a ...

Plop dictionary definition | plop defined

to drop with a sound like that of something flat falling into water without splashing; to drop, or allow to drop, heavily · a plopping or the sound of this · with a ...

Plop! Comic Books for Sale. - NewKadia.com

Plop! Comic books. 675,000 comic books for sale. Plop! comic books & 41,200 under 99¢.

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Synonyms for plop at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day.

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