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gunny noun. A gunnery sergeant: Whenever you try to explain something, the gunny accuses you of trying to skate (1940s+ Marine Corps) An armed criminal: Tell us the ...

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gun·ny (gn) n. A coarse heavy fabric made of jute or hemp, used especially for bags or sacks. See Regional Note at gunnysack. [Hindi go, from Sanskrit, sack ...

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Gunny says thanks to Oscar the Benevolent Ruler of the Clan,Linc the cat who is really a dog,and Millie & Tobbles the most indulgent cats ever,who all...

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When R. Lee Ermey joined the Marine Corps in 1961, he never could have imagined that this might be his first meaningful step toward becoming an American icon.

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Background Edit. Paladin Gunny is in charge of training initiates and turning them into hard-nosed Knights and Paladins. He is unhappy with Elder Lyons's method of ...

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Gunny G’s Marines History and Traditions: THE US ARMY “IKE JACKET” and THE USMC “BATTLE JACKET” “Pic Of Day: ‘O’ Stoned Out Of His Mind As ...

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Gunny: 1987: Full Metal Jacket: Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: One of the rare performances Stanley Kubrick ever allowed to be improvised Boston Society of Film Critics ...

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Full Definition of GUNNY. 1: a strong coarse loosely woven material made from jute for bagging and sacking . 2: burlap. Variants of GUNNY. gun·ny or gunny cloth