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Set your default search engine. By default, your address bar uses Google to return search results, but you can choose to use another search engine instead.

Set your default search engine - Chrome Help

If you're having trouble blocking pop-ups, saving your homepage, startup page, or search engine, then you may have malware. Get help restoring your settings.

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When I enter some of URLs in Google Chrome omnibox, I see message in it "Press TAB to search in $URL". For example, there are some russian sites habrahabr.ru or ...

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chrome://settings/searchEngines. Re: How do change default search engine to Yahoo? voltairius: 1/25/12 2:08 PM: Stefan, I know about this page as stated in ...

Customizing Google Chrome Settings | Google Chrome Browser

Customizing Google Chrome Settings If you want to clear your custom settings and use Google Chrome's default settings

How to Use Chrome to Quickly Search Specific Websites

chrome://settings/searchengines. Added by Dominic Blackburn. Follow Added to tech. tech Dominic Blackburn. Follow Board. More from wired.com. Also on these boards

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How I can remove up.google.com from chrome://settings/searchEngines: Zuker: 4/23/12 7:13 AM: On "chrome://settings/searchEngines" page there are 2 options: 1.

Google Chrome Default Browser Settings

Set Google Chrome Default Search Engine. The Google Chrome web browser is very flexible. You can select which search engine you prefer to use whenever you want to ...

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Summary: Strings truncation issue in chrome://settings/searchEngines Status: Untriaged Owner:--- Labels:-Translation -Area-Feature -Translation I18N Area-UI ...

How do I add new search engines to Google Chrome ? - MakeUseOf

Open Chrome,then type chrome://settings/searchEngines on url tab,now u can see the dialog box of defaults and other search engines,at there go to Other search Engine ...