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Caco- | Define Caco- at Dictionary.com

Caco- definition, a combining form meaning “bad,” occurring in loanwords from Greek (cacodemon); on this model, used in the formation of compound words (cacogenics).

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Casualty Assistance Calls Program

Casualty Assistance Calls Program (CACP) requires that a uniformed Navy representative be designated to assist the Primary Next-of-Kin (PNOK) and the Secondary Next ...

CACO - Military and Government - Acronym Finder

5 definitions of CACO. Definition of CACO in Military and Government. What does CACO stand for?

Caco-2 - Wikipedia

The Caco-2 cell line is a continuous cell of heterogeneous human epithelial colorectal adenocarcinoma cells, developed by the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer ...

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©2002-2014 Cacoinc.com CACO, Inc. manufactures a comprehensive product line of horizontal and vertical blinds and shades. Products range from mini blinds to the high ...

CACO - What does CACO stand for? The Free Dictionary

Acronym Definition CACO Cape Cod National Seashore (US National Park Service) CACO Casualty Assistance Calls Officer CACO Corporate Administrative Contracting Officer ...

Calcium carbonate - Wikipedia

CaCO 3: Molar mass: 100.0869 g/mol: Appearance: Fine white powder; chalky taste: Odor: odorless: Density: 2.711 g/cm 3 2.83 g/cm 3 : Melting point: 1,339 ...

Urban Dictionary: caco

A caco is pretty much the Puerto Rican cousin of the British townie/chav or the North American wanksta/wigger. Their name comes from the greek "cac...

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